Shirin Mehr Ara Co. by providing high-quality and healthy products to improve the quality of the food basket, which will eventually lead to the improvement of the world’s health level, in 2013 started its work as one of the pioneers of the breakfast cereal industry, and gradually expanded its products to beverages, Chocolates and all kinds of snacks.

The focus of Shirin Mehr Ara at the beginning of its establishment was on the branding and marketing of all kinds of healthy products, relying on the production capacities and potentials available in Iran.

In 2020, the fast-environmental changes caused the Shirin Mehr Ara Company to purchase up-to-date machines and become a factory, focusing on producing all kinds of grain-based products with its innovative and health-oriented approach.

This change will focus more on the quality and the supply of healthy products to the market and will make you feel the pleasure of a fresh and delicious meal or snack.